Chant To Patanjali
The sage Patanjali is the author of the Yoga Sutras, one of the classical yoga philosophy texts. At the beginning of many Iyengar classes, we chant this invocation to Patanjali to honor the ancient tradition of yoga and the lineage of yoga that we practice.

Geeta Iyengar describes another reason for reciting the chant: “We chant so that at the very beginning that feeling of sanctification comes from inside, with the feeling of surrendering oneself, because nothing can be learned in this world unless you have the humility to learn.” ( From an interview of Geeta Iyengar by Margo Kitchen, RIMYI, 1992.)


Sutra 2.29

 yama niyama

 āsana prāṇāyāma

 pratyāhāra dhāraṇā

 dhyāna samādhayaḥ

 aṣṭau aṅgāni


Moral restraint, recommended behaviors

 body posture, breath control

 sensory withdrawal, concentration 

 meditation, absorption of consciousness in the self​

 are the eight limbs of yoga